Rocca Grimalda ‘s  Carnival will take place on 23nd and 24rd February 2019

SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY: the Lachera begging train will start at 4 pm at the village and will visit some farms located in the nearby countryside performing propitiatory dances on their courtyards, always welcomed with good wine and food gifts for all participants. At nightfall, farmers usually light big fires warming and lighting up their courtyards. The begging train, including masked characters, musicians and all friends who have joined the group step by step will get back to the old center of the village at around 8 pm. This is the culminating and more intense moment of the night as the Carnival puppet or “Carvà” gets burned at the stake on “Belvedere” square while music will start and all participants will join the dances around the fire.

In the afternoon, the village is going to be animated by a noisy begging train of masked children accompanied by the sound of cowbells, drums and lids, knocking from house to house to get sweets, fruits and gifts with a final binge at 7 pm. All will join the Lachera begging train at 8 pm, around the stake. Music and dances will keep on through the village until late at night, when the gang will reach Santa Limbania courtyards, the early settlement area of the village, for the final dances.

SUNDAY 24 FEBRUARY: the Lachera begging train will visit the last farms for lunch and will get back to the old centre of the village around 3:00 pm performing ritual dances in traditional stops such as at the old gate or “Porta” of the village and again on “Belvedere” square with the final folk dances open to all people willing to join.

On Sunday, the center of the village is going to become a large pedestrian area animated by jugglers, dancers, street performers, clowns, make-up artists for kids etc. and local associations will distribute traditional delicacies in the nicest courtyards.

In the yards inside the historical centre, traditional dishes will be prepared by different local association.

This year the countryside and the streets of the village of Rocca Grimalda will see the arrival of the Lancovski Korant, Carnival masks coming from Lancova Vas, in Slovenia.

Today as in the ancient times, during Carnival, the boys of Lancova Vas disguise themselves giving life to these demonic masks, covered with sheep fleeces, bovine horns, ears and a long red tongue.

Just like the masks of the Lachera, these animal-looking masks hunt winter and evil spirits and recall spring with their noisy arrival, waving their bells and their stick, covered with porcupine thorns.